Somewear Helps You Communicate When Off The Grid


There’s a new option for off the grid communication. Somewear is a satellite hotspot that lets you send messages and share your location via your phone when you venture into the no service zone, and will be at the ready should you run into an emergency situation.

Somewear connects to your phone via Bluetooth to enable you to communicate via the satellite network. Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, the device offers 100% global coverage in an ultralight (weighs only four ounces), compact form factor that easily fits into your pocket, or on your pack.

Via an app on your phone, Somewear lets you to send text messages, track your location, and even get the latest weather forecast. Through the app, you can text back and forth with any phone number or email in your contact list. Each message includes your location so that your friends and family can keep track of where you are.

The app also enables interval tracking to further help people follow your progress. You can also download maps to use offline to help with navigation.

In partnership with GEOS Worldwide, Somewear offers 24/7 SOS monitoring and an interactive SOS experience with every satellite data subscription.

The Somewear device is waterproof so it won’t matter if it gets rained on. The rechargeable battery will last for up to 1000 messages sent and received.

The Somewear device itself costs $349 and you need to subscribe to a service plan on top of that. Satellite data plans start at $15 per month and much like Garmin, can be paused if you don’t plan on using your device for awhile.

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