This Virtual Trainer Will Keep You on Track. For a Price.

Future App

Many of us could benefit from having a personal trainer, whether we are trying to attain some sort of goal or just need the motivation to workout on a regular basis. Future is a new app that connects you with a real live trainer to help you build a plan and keep you accountable. The catch? It’ll cost you more than that monthly gym membership you never use.

When you sign up with Future, you are paired with a certified coach who best fits your goals and personality. To start, you’ll schedule a FaceTime call which will help you get to know your trainer and discuss your goals.

Going forward, your coach builds a new training plan based on your schedule and progress and delivers it every Sunday for the week ahead. They design guided workouts and incorporate the classes or outdoor activities you already love doing. Your coach checks in daily to keep you on track. Can’t work out today? They will reshuffle your schedule. Traveling? They’ll design quick workouts for your hotel room.

As part of signing up for the app, Future will send you everything you need, including an Apple Watch to borrow so you can track your activity for your personal trainer to follow.

The Future app comes with a subscription price of $150 per month. The company is banking on the high price encouraging people to stick with it, so as not to let that amount of cash go to waste. But there’s a one-month money-back guarantee if you find it’s just not for you.

On top of the $150, you don’t need to sign up for a gym membership or buy tons of home equipment. Your workouts incorporate wherever you prefer to exercise and whatever equipment you have available to you — from being at home with no equipment, to being at a gym fully-stocked with the latest gear, and everwhere in-between.

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