Group Buying Moves To Adventure Travel

Groupenture Group Buying Adventure travel

Building on the momentum of Groupon, new Minnesota based website Groupenture launched this week looking to harness the power of group buying for adventure travel. Partnering with over 50 Adventure Tour operators, Groupenture plans to offer an array of heavily discounted activity based trips across the globe.

Groupenture works by pooling together the buying power of a network of passionate travelers. Tour operators list their trips and provide three levels of pricing depending on the number of people that sign up. If you are interested in a particular trip or activity, you can help spread the word in order to build up the group size and reach a better discount level. 

Unlike Groupon however, you don't need to achieve massive numbers in order to reap the rewards. A group as small as 15-20 travelers can receive the maximum discount of up to 50% off the normal trip price. 

Current trip itineraries include an 8 day Moroccan adventure, which normally retails for $1525 but will go for $635 if 10 or more people sign up, or a Grand Canyon Mountain Biking adventure that will go for $925 if 10 people sign up. 

Groupenture also allows you to meet all your fellow trip members before you depart (if they aren't your friends already!). Each trip has its own group message board and a live video session where you can learn more about your trip and meet the other group members. 

Would you sign up for a Groupenture? What kind of adventure travel would you like to see featured?

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