REI Courts Millennial Adventure Travelers With New Under 35 Trips

REI Under 35

Designed by and specifically for those between the ages of 18 and 35, REIs new Under 35 trips entice Millennial adventure travels to explore Latin and North America, Europe, and Asia. Along, with the major expansion of its used gear and rental programs, REI is hoping the new trips will help them appeal to a younger demographic of cost- and sustainability-conscious consumers.

The Under 35 trip collection was designed through a cooperative approach between REI’s travel leaders and a fleet of experts –- an REI member advisory travel panel, employees, past travelers and members between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. Today, nearly 20 percent of all REI members are in this age range and in recent years, more and more have been joining REI’s core adventure travel offerings.

The new Under 35 collection of experiences are packed with hiking, biking, paddling, and other physical activity with plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with local people, places, and cultures.  The trips complement the Co-op’s broader efforts to better serve an age group that is increasingly prioritizing experiences over things.

“Our team has taken great care to design highly active itineraries with the right balance of down time, and most importantly that facilitate a community for younger travelers to travel deeply and responsibly with their peers,” said Justin Wood, senior manager of adventure travel at REI. “For example, on our nine-day Colombia trip, guests will feel like archeologists by trekking with a private chef and discovering a lost city older than Machu Picchu and with far less visitors. We bike Medellin, hike in the world’s highest coastal mountain range, meet tribal leaders, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime at the photo famous Tayrona National Park.”

While many features of the Under 35 collection remain the same as other REI trips, the new offerings include more freedom and flexibility (for example, “choose your own adventure” afternoons with a hike, bike ride or culinary tour; optional morning yoga; cooking classes or nightlife activities) and are designed for a cost-conscious customer with more modest accommodations. Trips prices range from $850 to $2,300 depending on length and destination. Most importantly, as with every REI adventure travel trip, there will never be unexpected requests for additional fees or guide payment during an adventure.

The current trips in the Under 35 collection include:

Latin America

·      Colombia Explorer – Medellin, Lost City Trek, Tayrona Beaches | Under 35

·      Peru Multisport – Machu Picchu to Rainbow Mountain | Under 35

North America

·      Backpacking Joshua Tree | Under 35

·      Great Smoky Mountains – Hops, Hikes & Rafting | Under 35

·      Sonoran Desert Stars – Hike, Camp, MTB, Repeat | Under 35

·      Wild Whistler Backpacking | Under 35


·      Amalfi Coast & Sicily – Hike, Eat, Summit | Under 35

·      Greek Islands Wanderer – Hike, Feast, Explore | Under 35


·      Vietnam Multisport – Spectacular Spelunking | Under 35

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