First Barefoot Shoes, Now Barefoot Socks

Leguano Barefoot Socks

If you thought barefoot shoes were minimalist, check out the barefoot socks from German company Leguano. A cross between beach shoes and hospital socks, the barefoot socks may be the next best thing to actually running barefoot.

The Leguano barefoot socks come in two styles, Classic and Premium. The Classic sock is made from a combination of Coolmax nylon, lycra and polyester, so will help keep your feet cool and wick away sweat. For those cold weather runs, the Premium socks are made from a combination of fine wool and nylon.

The dimpled barefoot sock sole is constructed out of LIFOLIT, a soft PVC that is used in everything from toys to rubber boots. Thinner and more flexible than the bottom of your Vibram Five Fingers, the sole gives you an even better connection with the ground.

A reinforced heel and side blend seamlessly into the sock upper to keep your foot securely in place. The Leguano barefoot socks have been used by many professional runners in Germany for all types of races, even the grueling Marathon Des Sables.

The barefoot socks are low maintenance, as you can either wash them by hand or safely throw them in your washing machine when they get dirty.

The Classic Leguano barefoot socks retail for €69 (black,red, pink) and the Premium Leguano barefoot socks for €79 (black, blue, gray). All barefoot socks can be ordered from the company website and they will ship worldwide if you check with them first.

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