Arc'teryx R320 climbing harness

Heading into the weekend and the start of climbing season, I thought I would do a gear giveaway featuring the men's Arc'teryx R320 climbing harness. Lightweight and compact, the harness is packed with technology to enable all day comfort.  

Arc'teryx's Warp Strength Technology (WST) enables the harness to shape and contour to your body for extra support and comfort. By uniformly spreading the load across the entire harness, WST also eliminates the need for the excessive padding you might find on other climbing harnesses.

With an innovative focus on safety, the Arc'teryx climbing harness features Wear Safety Markers on the tie-in points and belay loop that will visually alert you when it's time to retire your harness. When the protective sheath on these points is worn through, bright orange will appear indicating that you are at risk of damaging the structural webbing.

Four gear loops are sewn directly into the harness. Removable injection molded polyurethane sheaths cover the gear loops and are shaped for forward racking, making it really easy to clip and unclip your quickdraws and carabiners. 

Further safety features include the self-locking front buckle to ensure you are always doubled back. The stretchy leg loops offer plenty of range of motion while doing away with buckles for no additional double back worry. 

A handy droppable seat means you can do your business while still tied into the rope. I wish I had this climbing harness on Denali where you are tied to a rope team for the entire day. A tiny haul loop on the back of the waist makes it easy to trail a second rope for multi-pitch climbing. 

For the gear giveaway, the Arc'teryx R320 is a men's climbing harness, size Large. The Large fits waist sizes 34-38 in. (keep in mind you will have clothes under your harness) and leg sizes 23.5-26 in. I personally bought this harness on The Clymb, but it sadly does not fit the person I bought it for- all the more better for you. 

If you want to be entered for a chance to win the climbing harness, leave a comment below telling me where you plan to climb in your shiny new harness. I will keep the contest open for a week and announce the winner here next Friday the 10th. Good luck and happy climbing! 

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  1. It would climb about 7 High Sierra routes when it’s not cruising up Tuolumne classics!

  2. As a newbee to climbing I tried some small cliffs with friends that showed me some of the joy of secure and joyful climbing.
    I would love a harness from Arc’teryx ( as I know the quality from your jackets & backpacks: have some of tme yeaa!)
    So I try my luck on this giveaway and the joy of a new summer in the Arctic! Thanks

  3. I’d love to win this harness for my Dad! I’d finally get him out climbing in Devil’s Lake, WI next time I go home for a visit!

  4. I own the woman’s version of this harness. It has been fantastic. My bro is celebrating his 60th birthday this summer and for the occasion will climb 60 peaks over 3,000 meter (12,00ft) in the French/Spanish Pyrénnées in 30 days!!! ( yes he will link some of them!). I think that might just be the perfect gift!

  5. If this shiny new harness was mine, I would finally attempt to climb the lead roof at my climbing gym, Climbnasium. I started climbing in December of 2010, and could only afford my shoes at that point. In the gym, I alway have to rent a harness, which adds up. Instead of witnessing people climb the roof, I could finally do it. And possibly better myself to climb outside, instead of just bouldering.

  6. I would like this harness for my husband. We took up rock climbing – specifically bouldering – last January during his last semester of law school. A welcome distraction from studying, et al and now obsession. Climbing is a retreat for us as a family…to get outdoors and spend time together. We are super eager to learn how to belay and a shiny new harness would be a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  7. I don’t think I can compete with these others in need, but I’ve been loving the indoor rock wall at Vertex and would LOVE to have my own gear to take it to that next level! Funds are not favoring ANY extra fun spending right now. yuck!

  8. I would climb my house…then the barn and maybe even the silo- in the winter the silo can be ice climbed. If I wore this then maybe I wouldn’t need to pad my bum with charmin and huggies for the inevitable crashes that come from free climbing. You could actually save my life. Just think about it gearcaster… YOU could save a life! Thanks anyways for all you do do!! Love the blog and all the info. The Gearcaster ROCKS!!!!!!

  9. I would love this for my boyfriend so I can get him to climb with me! We climb in Michigan and on our vacations!

  10. Climb? Heck sounds comfortable enough to wear to work on a daily basis! Maybe a great office chair replacement…now there’s an idea!! I’d make especially good use of that droppable seat.

    Frankly it would serve me well to be properly prepared for my rooftop escape & rappel lest the inevitable I.T. raid occurs after discovering how much time I spend reading gear reviews.

  11. I desperately need this to send my latest project route. The Arc’teryx logo alone bumps me up two 5.x points! If I’m not ‘core’ enough for that, I guess I’d have to sell it and give the profits to UNICEF.

  12. I climb near Leavenworth, and make the trip to Squamish or Smith if i get a long weekend. I am in the market for a harness, and have been considering Arc’teryx!

  13. If I had this harness, I’d pass my old one along to my wife and take her to smith rock….of course to take our relationship to the next (grade) level. It would be there that she could look at my find rear-end in the comfortable yet slimming Arc’teryx R320 harness and realize we were meant to be together in the mountains.

  14. FITZ ROY!!!!, there´s a new route there called “al abordaje!”, a continuous hand crack which leads into another finger crack which gets you into another orange granitic wall filled with cracks on the north face, just behind the Goretta (casarotto) pillar!!!

  15. I would use it almost weekly at Cool Spings Climbing Center in Franklin, TN. When I have the time to get away from work I would head out to South Cumberland State park and climb as well as repel there around Stone Door.

  16. I would use it in my job. I work in climbing adventure park. (Instructor responsibilities). I used harness all day long, but my old are worn out and uncomfortable. So i need new :} …everyday… everyday i wear my harness..

  17. Thanks so much for all the great entries everyone! Sounds like you all have a bunch of fun climbing adventures planned this summer. Yeah!

    Since there were way too many wonderful and worthy entries to chose from, I used a random number generator to pick the winner.

    And the winner is……….. Softhefrog! Congratulations!

    If you email me your address, I will get the harness sent off to you right away.

    Thanks again everyone and stay tuned for even more gear giveaways!

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