Gear Giveaway: Arc’teryx R320 Climbing Harness

Arc'teryx R320 climbing harness

Heading into the weekend and the start of climbing season, I thought I would do a gear giveaway featuring the men's Arc'teryx R320 climbing harness. Lightweight and compact, the harness is packed with technology to enable all day comfort.  

Arc'teryx's Warp Strength Technology (WST) enables the harness to shape and contour to your body for extra support and comfort. By uniformly spreading the load across the entire harness, WST also eliminates the need for the excessive padding you might find on other climbing harnesses.

With an innovative focus on safety, the Arc'teryx climbing harness features Wear Safety Markers on the tie-in points and belay loop that will visually alert you when it's time to retire your harness. When the protective sheath on these points is worn through, bright orange will appear indicating that you are at risk of damaging the structural webbing.

Four gear loops are sewn directly into the harness. Removable injection molded polyurethane sheaths cover the gear loops and are shaped for forward racking, making it really easy to clip and unclip your quickdraws and carabiners. 

Further safety features include the self-locking front buckle to ensure you are always doubled back. The stretchy leg loops offer plenty of range of motion while doing away with buckles for no additional double back worry. 

A handy droppable seat means you can do your business while still tied into the rope. I wish I had this climbing harness on Denali where you are tied to a rope team for the entire day. A tiny haul loop on the back of the waist makes it easy to trail a second rope for multi-pitch climbing. 

For the gear giveaway, the Arc'teryx R320 is a men's climbing harness, size Large. The Large fits waist sizes 34-38 in. (keep in mind you will have clothes under your harness) and leg sizes 23.5-26 in. I personally bought this harness on The Clymb, but it sadly does not fit the person I bought it for- all the more better for you. 

If you want to be entered for a chance to win the climbing harness, leave a comment below telling me where you plan to climb in your shiny new harness. I will keep the contest open for a week and announce the winner here next Friday the 10th. Good luck and happy climbing! 

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