Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 CrossFit Shoe

With the popularity of CrossFit on the rise, natural running shoe company inov-8 has launched the world's first shoe designed specifically for use during the program. Called the Bare-XF 210, the CrossFit shoe has everything you need to sprint, kettlebell clean and climb those ropes.  

For those of you not familiar with CrossFit, it is a strength and conditioning program that combines multiple types of workouts, from running and weight lifting to gymnastics and rowing. The goal is to gain an overall fitness by increasing your proficiency across an array of general skills.

With barefoot or natural running a core part of the CrossFit training, inov-8 was perfectly positioned to design a program specific shoe. Lightweight, flexible, and minimalist at its core, the Bare-XF 210 will give you speed and efficiency during both your sprints and endurance running sessions. A roomy toe box offers your digits plenty of room to spread naturally. 

The zero differential between the heel and forefoot, together with the lack of midsole or undersole cushioning, make the CrossFit shoe super stable for those weight lifting sessions. You and your feet stay close to the ground, creating a steady base to lift from. The sole of the Bare-XF 210 is made from sticky rubber, adding grip to keep you from slipping. 

In order to protect your CrossFit shoes during your rope climbing sessions, inov-8 added a plastic lacing support system called ropeguard. Covering the inner and outer sections of your shoe, the coating provides not only extra durability, but gives you increased friction for aid in rope climbing.  

The inov-8 Bare-XF 210 CrossFit shoe will be available next spring.  


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  1. Unfortunately inov-8 just announced these so they won’t be out til probably next Feb at the earliest. If I hear an exact date, I will let you know!

  2. it says Spring 2012… every website has put that as the release. Ivov-8 hinted at these shoes during the Games this year, I dont see why they wouldn’t realease them as soon as possible and get some of the top athletes wearing them!

  3. Sticky rubber soles are not great if your box has rubber matting, too much friction between shoe and floor. I just had this probelm with the shoes i was using. Caused a lot of lower leg issues.

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