New Locking Carabiners Use Magnets To Lock Shut

Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner

As climbers, we have all struggled at one time or another to open a screwlock or twistlock carabiner. With their new Magnetron Technology, Black Diamond is looking to use the power of magnetic fields to reinvent the locking carabiner, making it much easier to use.

With the current spring based locking carabiner technology, you have to make the gate extremely difficult to open in order to ensure security. To create a locking carabiner that was completely secure but also extremely easy to use, Black Diamond turned to magnets, as they can do things that springs simply can not.

To open the gate of the Magnetron Carabiner, each of the two locking arms on the side of the gate must be depressed individually for added security. Once open, two small magnets in the arms of the locking carabiner gate repel each other, ensuring smooth operation.

When the gate closes, the magnets in the arms are attracted to a tiny steel plate in the nose of the carabiner, securely locking the gate shut. The Magnetron Carabiner design is completely symmetrical, so you can easily open the gate using just your right or left hand.  

The Magnetron Gridlock and Magnetron Rocklock Carabiners will be available starting July 2012. I will check these out tomorrow at the OutDoor Show and post some pictures and video for you.  


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