Start A Fire With Your Necklace

Wenger HypeX jewelry

What do you do when you are half way up an ice climb and your ice axe head starts to come loose? Not to worry, simply grab your new Wenger HypeX necklace and tighten the bolt on the spot. Inspired by the multifunctional nature of the Swiss Army Knife, the HypeX line of jewelry caters to the tool needs of any outdoor enthusiast. 

Style and function coexist in the three different pendants included in the Wenger HypeX line of jewelry. The Pietra pendant not only looks cool but doubles as a sharpening stone for your knife. The other side features a flint stone so you can ignite a fire anywhere at anytime.

The Ridge (pictured above) functions as a multi-size hex wrench that fits bolts ranging from 4 mm to 10 mm. The underside can be used to open your beer bottle at the end of the day, while a wire stripper on the tip can strip wire up to 4 mm in diameter. 

The Whug is a wooden pendant housing a whistle so you can call for help if needed. In case you get a sliver, removable precision tweezers hide within the pendant interior. All the HypeX pendants hang from a 53 cm silicone string ending in a stainless steel clasp. 

Each Wenger HypeX pendant comes in either a zippered, molded neoprene case or a reusable waterproof pouch. Once you put your pendant on, you can use these cases to protect your phone, camera or other valuables while you head out and enjoy the outdoors. 

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