Petzl Lightens Your Climbing Load

Petzl Reverso 4

Following up the GriGri 2, Petzl continues the trend of dropping weight on their climbing hardware. The new Reverso 4 and the Micro Traxion may not make you as fast as Ueli Steck, but will shave quite a few precious grams off your climbing load. 

The Reverso 4 is a multi-purpose belay and rappel device, similar to the current Reverso 3. The big difference is in the weight- the Reverso 4 weighs just 59 g, making the new device 25% lighter. The belay device can be used with half, twin or single ropes.

Featuring Petzl's ARC Technology, the V-shaped friction channels with asymmetrical lateral grooves will adapt the braking control friction to the type of rope you are using. As the lead climber, you can belay one or two seconds with assisted breaking when the belay device is put in standard "reverso" mode. 

Petzl Micro Traxion

The new ultra-light Micro Traxion is roughly half the weight of the current Mini Traxion. Courtesy of sealed ball bearings, this super compact self jamming pulley is 91% efficient, even on dirty or icy ropes. 

The Micro Traxion features three modes of operation, progress capture pulley, ascender, or locked in the open position to be used as a regular pulley. You can use the device to ascend ropes, haul gear, self-rescue or conduct a crevasse rescue. 

The Petzl Reverso 4 and Micro Traxion will be available in 2012. 

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