Ultralight A-Z: Video Guide To Ultralight Backpacking


Hendrik Morkel is what you could call an Ultralight Backpacking enthusiast. Over on his Hiking in Finland blog, Hendrik regularly writes about his various adventures, ultralight gear reviews and interviews with cottage industry ultralight product manufacturers.

To help educate the world in the ways of Ultralight Backpacking, Hendrik has planned a fun video project. Over 26 episodes, he will share his experience, teaching you some skills and showing you some tricks, introduce you to ultralight gear, and generally share his ultralight backpacking philosophy. 

The Ultralight A-Z series will cover all major topics including shelter, sleeping systems, dressing effectively, packing, and maintaining a pack list. Videos will show you what gear you need to make a lightweight kitchen, what food works best, and even how to cook.

Over on Kickstarter, Hendrik is hoping to raise $6000 to fund the production of his Ultralight A-Z video series. The plan is to have all 26 videos available for free on both Vimeo and YouTube but if you help support the project, you will receive various prizes such as a digital HD download or DVD package of the finished series, T-Shirt, stickers, or your name mentioned in one of the episodes. 

So if you want to learn more about Ultralight Backpacking, head on over to Hendrik's Ultralight A-Z Kickstarter project page and show your support. 

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