KEEN Boulder Canyon Crew Hiking Socks Review

KEEN Boulder Canyon Crew Socks

For my to trip to the Bavarian Alps earlier this month, I was sent a couple pairs of KEEN hiking socks to test out on the trails. You may be mostly familiar with the KEEN line of footwear but yes, they do make socks as well. 

The Boulder Canyon Crew hiking socks are made from a combination of 60% merino wool, 35% nylon, 3% spandex, and 2% polyester. The merino wool helps to regulate your foot temperature and works with the synthetic fibers to wick away sweat, meaning you don't end up with soggy trench foot at the end of a day on the trail. 

If you turn the hiking socks inside out, you can see the air panels that help promote air circulation and keep your feet cool and dry. The weather was extremely warm during our hikes in Germany and even though these hiking socks are technically mid-weight, they worked well at keeping my feet dry.

Your shoes are left and right specific so why shouldn't your socks be? The Boulder Canyon Crew hiking socks hug the exact contours of your foot. This anatomical fit, together with the lack of seams, work to keep the socks from rubbing or bunching and leaving you blister free. 

Extra cushioning in the heel, ball of your foot, and toe area gives your feet some extra support for those long days on the trail. The hiking socks also have built-in arch support to help combat the effects on your feet of all those miles of walking.

KEEN Boulder Canyon Crew hiking socks

The Boulder Canyon Crew socks end just below the calf, the perfect length for summer and to fit into your mid height hiking boots. The super strong elastic top keeps the hiking socks from dropping down into your boots, one of the the worst sins a sock can commit. 

The merino wool means you can wear your socks for quite a few days before you and your tent mates complain about the dreaded foot stink. After many days and miles on the trails with numerous washings, the hiking socks are still holding up. 

Bottom Line: The KEEN Boulder Canyon Crew hiking socks are comfortable, durable and will keep your feet cool and dry on the trails this summer. 

The Boulder Canyon Crew hiking socks come in various colors, in both a men's and women's version, and retail for $16.95-$17.95.

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