Colorful Knife That Can Also Start Fires

Light My Fire FireKnife

Light My Fire, the champion of well designed, multi-functional tools (think Spork), has done it again. Teaming up with fellow Swedish company Mora, the company has created a knife that is not just useful for prepping your dinner, but cooking your dinner as well.

With an integrated Swedish FireSteel and a top notch blade, the FireKnife will be your best new multi-functional friend in the backcountry. The 10 cm (4 in) long blade is made from hardened, yet flexible, Sandvik stainless steel. The blade is profile grounded, meaning it is fine enough to ease out any splinters you might catch when whidling and will stay sharp for quite a long time. 

The FireKnife blade is protected by a rubber sheath, complete with belt clip. A high friction rubber handle offer a secure hold and easy to use, even when wet. The top of the handle hides an original Swedish FireSteel for lighting campfires or igniting your camp stove. Simply strike the FireSteel on the back of the blade and a 5,400ºF spark will be produced. 

Light My Fire FireKnife

You no longer have to worry about soggy matches as the FireSteel works well even when wet and will last for up to 3000 strikes. The fire starter will also work predictably at any altitude, making a great multi-tool for those mountaineering or high country backpacking expeditions. Weighing just 94 grams, the FireKnife is a no brainer to throw in your kitchen kit. 

The FireKnife comes in 5 typical Light My Fire colors (green, black, blue, orange, and red) and will be available starting Spring 2012. 

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