Sleep Perfectly Flat In The Ergo Hammock

Exped Ergo Hammock

Nothing beats relaxing or napping in a hammock out in the open air of summer. Exped has taken hammock comfort to a whole new level by creating a perfectly flat sleeping experience, designing a hammock in which you can not only nap, but spend countless nights on the trail.  

After five years of development, Exped came up with a double floor sleeve construction that houses your camping mat to sleep on and provides extra storage space underneath. The Ergo Hammock not only gives you the benefit of completely horizontal sleep, but weather and bug protection as well, all without the weight or hassle of a tent. 

The hammock is completely enclosed in a zippable mosquito net to keep you away from the swarming bugs. Two pockets inside the hammock sleeve give you enough storage space for your headlamp, book, water bottle and other night time essentials. 

Exped Ergo Hammock

The Ergo Hammock package includes the hammock, mosquito net and Dyneema rope suspension system. The Ergo Hammock Combi package adds in a generous tarp (320 X 250 cm) to protect you from the rain or shield you from the sun. 

The Ergo Hammock weighs 955 g including the rope suspension system and packs down to a 30 X 13 cm size. Adding the tarp in the Combi, the weight jumps up to 1695 g and packs down to a 46 X 17 cm size. 

The Ergo Hammock will retail for €129.95 (US prices to come) and the Combi for €199.95, available for Spring 2012. 

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