Mini Lanterns Are The Next Big Thing

Kelty Flashback Mini Lantern

Mini lanterns were everywhere at Outdoor Retailer this summer. The surge in production could be in response to the growing fast and light movement or could just be due to the "cute" factor. Here are 5 mini lanterns to choose from, some available now and some available for Spring 2012 (Kelty). 

The 2-in-1 Flashback Mini from Kelty features a cylindrical shape with telescope for use as a flashlight or lantern. A D-ring on the top allows you to hang the mini lantern just about anywhere for lighting your tent or picnic area. An anodized body and no-slip rubber ends are durable and weather proof. The Flashback Mini provides up to 70 lumens of light and retails for $39.  

LumaSpot Mini lantern

Another mini lantern offering from Kelty is the new LumaSpot Mini.  With a maximum output of 80 lumens and a total weight of 8 oz., the LumaSpot Mini features a swiveling head for use as a spotlight or lantern.  This mini lantern also features three brightness settings including colored LEDs for mood lighting. The LumaSpot Mini also retails for $39.

HighGear  SmartLite Lantern

Highgear's SmartLite lantern uses a USB rechargeable battery that provides up to 4 hours of burn time on high and 10 hours on low. If you are out in the backcountry, you can recharge your mini lantern with a hand crank. The globe is reversible so can be used as a lantern, dome, or flashlight. The 7 oz. SmartLite lantern retails for $35.  

HighGear TrailLite Mini

The even lighter TrailLite Mini lantern (6.6 oz. including 4 AAA batteries) from Highgear provides 110 hours of burn time on constant mode and 145 hours on flashing mode. A rubberized external case helps with weather proofing and easy handling. The TrailLite Mini lantern retails for $18. 


  Black Diamond Orbit mini lantern

The ever popular Orbit mini lantern from Black Diamond is still going strong. The DoublePower LED with frosted globe puts out 45 lumens of light on high and 10 lumens on low, with a dimming switch to fine-tune your lighting needs. The mini lantern runs on 4 AAA batteries and is also compatible with Black Diamond's NRG2 rechargeable battery kit. The Black Diamond Orbit mini lantern retails for $29.95. 

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