Improve Your Swing With The Bug Zappa

By Don Jurries

Not only has Spring brought warmer weather to Australia, it also brought those pesky flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects that can ruin any outdoor meal, picnic or camping trip. While insect repellents may keep them from biting, flying insects can still be incredibly annoying. The Zappa, a handheld tennis racquet-shaped bug zapper, gives you the power to get rid of the pests.

Basically a handheld bug zapper, the Zappa works by swatting the offending insects with the racquet. A small light has been added to the racquet handle for better mosquito and insect tracing. Upon contact, an electrified antirust metal mesh sends a 2000-volt current through an insect’s body, electrocuting or “zapping” the bug instantly.

As many bug zappers are manufactured overseas and imported into Australia, the concept of an electrified mesh has been problematic for Australian Customs given safety concerns, particularly around smaller children. The Zappa bug zapper has two additional dense wire grids in the head of the racquet, one on each side of the electrified mesh, to add a layer of protection against an accidental shock from human touch. The bug zapper also has a safety switch on the racquet handle for further protection.

The Zappa bug zapper comes in AA battery operated and rechargeable versions, which retail for A$15 and A$25 respectively online at The Zappa website. These bug zappers are also available through Aussie Disposals outdoor adventure stores.

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