An Electric Grocery Getter

Pedego Trike

At Interbike last week, Pedego unveiled their latest electric bike creation. The three wheeled Trike comes with an integrated trailer that easily hauls 3-4 large grocery bags, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation to run local errands. 

The Trike is 70 inches long with a rear tire width of just 28 inches. This compact sizing ensures the electric bike will fit through standard doorways. The Trike is very easy to handle with a 360 degree turning radius of just 5 feet. 

Looking to build the most stable three wheeled bike, the Pedego Trike features 20" rear tires and a large rear differential. Braking is achieved either by using the coaster brakes for the back wheel or a handlebar brake for the front wheel. Both brakes can be used separately or in tandem. 

Pedego Trike electric bike

The battery pack sits in the middle of the trailer so you don't get quite as much room as you would think. However, you can easily place 3 grocery bags in the well around the battery and another one on top. The battery will last for around 22 miles before needing to be recharged and will comfortably take you up to speeds of 15 to 20 miles per hour. 

The Pedego Trike will start shipping in November and retail for $2895. 

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