It’s All About Being Cool

180s QuantumCool

Polar explorer Eric Larsen always says "It's cool to be cold" and it now seems many of the outdoor companies tend to agree. Joining Columbia, Descente, Sherpa Adventure Gear, and others, 180s launches their own line of cooling apparel and enters the world of cycling. 

Best know for their cold weather accessories, 180s is now expanding into spring and summer apparel. With a focus on addressing warm weather performance challenges, 180s' new QuantumCool technology protects against overheating and sun exposure.

Much like Columbia's Omni-Freeze ICE, the QuantumCool technology is activated as soon as you begin to sweat, dropping your skin temperature by up to 3%. The 180s QuantumCool apparel also reflects infrared rays, further helping you maintain a cooler body temperature in hot and humid weather. 

180s cycling jacket

The initial Spring 2012 QuantumCool collection will focus on apparel for cyclists and triathletes. The core of the line will feature training shirts and cycling jerseys, together with compression arm and calf sleeves. A range of packable cycling jackets can easily store on your bike seat and will provide weather resistance in addition to cooling. Accessories will include hats, visors, head bands and sweat bands. 

The QuantumCool apparel collection will vary in price from $10 to $70 and come in a variety of colors. At Interbike, I was given a pair of the compression arm sleeves to test out, so I will let you know how the cooling technology performs. 

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