Kinesiology Tape Goes Mainstream

By Don Jurries

SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape

One of the sponsors of Cadel Evan’s BMC Racing Team at the recent Tour de France was SpiderTech, a pre-cut line of kinesiology tape that aims to re-invent the taping process. SpiderTech kinesiology tape has been worn by a number of famous athletes, including American Gold Medal Beach Volleyball player Kerri Walsh at the Beijing Olympics and tennis player Li Na while winning the 2011 French Open.

Similar to the KT Tape brand, SpiderTech differs from other forms of kinesiology tape by providing pre-cut, ready-to-use applications. The pre-cut shapes have been engineered to best fit various contours of the body and support the affected areas.

The kinesiology tape is 100% cotton with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. As there is no latex, the kinesiology tape is hypoallergenic. SpiderTech products are also water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to 5 days. The standard sizings will fit approximately 80% of the population.

The therapeutic effects of SpiderTech pre-cut kinesiology tape are achieved by providing structural, neurological and micro-circulatory support. As well as supporting the muscles and range of motion, the kinesiology tape works with the skin to enhance sensory stimulation that decreases the perception of pain, and improves lymphatic flow. Ultimately, this will assist with rehabilitation and performance.

A SpiderTech Training Starter Kit, complete with 2 each of the 16 pre-cut applications, 2 rolls of Nitto Denko kinesiology tape, and a training manual retails in the US for around $150. Each of the SpiderTech pre-cut applications can also be purchased separately for around $7. 

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