Revo Heading Sunglasses Review

Revo Heading Sunglasses

Another piece of gear I was given to test during my Dolomites trip was a pair of Revo Heading sunglasses, new for Fall 2011. Often an after thought, sunglasses are actually an essential piece of gear that can make or break the enjoyment of your outdoor adventure. 

The Revo Heading sunglasses wrap around your face, blocking out ambient light (both from the side and above). The high contrast polarized lenses not only filter out 100% of harmful UV rays and blue light, but block glare while maintaining superior clarity. By eliminating the glare, the polarized lenses give you better depth of field and let you see the detail in both texture and color. 

As my eyes are very sensitive to light, I always have to wear sunglasses, even on a cloudy day. Normally I find it difficult to climb in sunglasses but with the Revo Heading, I could clearly see the detail in the rock, making it easy to find holds in both bright sunlight and shade. 

Revo Heading sunglasses

The shatter proof Revo Serilium lens is infusion molded into a single layer. Using only one layer means the lens is extremely clear and optically accurate. The polarization is also infusion molded versus layered onto the lens, guaranteeing it won't wear or scratch off over time. As long as you keep the lenses clean, I had no problems with fogging. 

Revo uses a Motion-Fit system that balances the pressure points, ensuring the sunglasses stay snug against your face during high activity. I appreciated the snug fit during climbing, as I did not have to worry about the sunglasses slipping off my face when looking down at holds or off a rappel. The hydrophilic nose pads actually increase grip as you start to sweat. 

The Revo Heading frames are lightweight, so you won't end up with pressure pain on the bridge of your nose or above your ears after wearing them during high activity all day. A flush mount spring hitch hinge will prevent the sunglasses from stretching over time or over extending when you store them up on your hat, distorting the original fit. 

Revo Heading Sunglasses

Bottom Line: The Revo Heading sunglasses offer all day comfort, full eye protection, and the clarity you need for any outdoor activity. 

The Revo Heading sunglasses retail for $189 and will be available within the next month. The Revo Heading comes with either Bronze, Graphite, or Water lenses and can also accept prescription lenses. If you wear glasses, Revo is supposedly the only company that can produce prescription sunglasses without the usual optical distortion.

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