Ahnu Montara Hiking Boots Review

Ahnu Montara Hiking Boot

For my trip to the Dolomites last month, I was given a pair of Ahnu Montara Boots to wear on all our hiking excursions. Little did I know, I would end up using these hiking boots for just about everything, from approach shoes to straight up climbing shoes for our Via Ferrata.

All Ahnu hiking boots and shoes are designed around the company's Numentum Technology, an activity specific neutral positioning system that keeps you balanced over rugged terrain and encourages your body's own natural motion.

I hiked in my Montara Boots for the first time right out of the box and found them instantly comfortable, with no hot spots or blisters after a full day on the trail. The leather and nubuck suede uppers seem to just mold to your feet the more you wear them.  

The flexible ankle support and padded collar add comfort without digging into the side of your leg. The sturdy lacing system enables you to really tighten down your boots, extremely helpful for hiking downhill. I was impressed with the grip on the Vibram outsole, as our Santa Croce hike was a mixture of slabby scrambling and loose scree descents. 

Climbing Cinque Torri

Since our trip to the Dolomites was a multi-sport holiday and I was limited to a single carry-on, my Montara Boots would have to serve as approach shoes for climbing as well. Skeptical when first seeing them attached to my harness, our climbing guide was amazed at how light they were for a hiking boot, even lighter than his own approach shoes. 

Via Ferrata Dolomites

Little did I know we would end up doing a full day of Via Ferrata on the trip. I would have loved to wear approach shoes for this, but as the Montara Boots were all I had, I wore them instead. I was surprised at how well the hiking boots performed, even when we free climbed an entire vertical section to avoid much of the crowds.

With an eVent bootie construction for waterproofing, I found the hiking boots were not the most breathable. Though not uncomfortably wet, moisture definitely built up inside the boots when hiking all day in hot weather. 

Bottom Line: The Montara Boot is a fun, lightweight, and affordable waterproof hiking boot that will perform over almost any terrain. I love that Ahnu gives you some rich color options in addition to the usual black, brown, and grey.  

The Ahnu Montara Boots retail for $140 and are available now. Ahnu is a sponsor of the Plus 3 Network, where for every activity you log, Ahnu will donate money to a non-profit such as the Breast Cancer Fund or Conservation Alliance. 

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