The Last Pair of Sunglasses You May Ever Buy

Revant Sunglasses

These sunglasses are tough. Really tough. So much so that the company claims they may be the last pair you ever buy. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee, the Revant Sunglasses will not only perform with the best of them but also look cool.

To cut down on the number of people buying new sunglasses, Revant Optics first started out making replacement lenses that could be installed into your favorite frames. Over time, the team noticed many other parts of the sunglasses were wearing out — rubber pieces, screws, frame arms, etc. So they set out to design a pair of sunglasses that would stand up to the abuse we outdoor enthusiasts inflict on them every single day.

Revant first started with durable, high quality materials then designed a complete sunglass system where every part can be revitalized and optimized, extending the lifecycle of your sunglasses from a few good years to hopefully a lifetime. The sunglasses can be broken down into polarized lenses, grippy nose pads and temple sleeves, arms, and center frames — each replaceable should something happen.

The performance sunglasses comes in three styles — the Revant F1L, Revant S1L, and Revant S2L. The Revant F1L is a full protection, wrap-around style everyday sunglasses that will hold up in the most demanding conditions.

The Revant S1L is an ultralight model weighing in at only 25 grams with a minimal frame and heightened nose bridge to promote ventilation. Finally, the Revant S2L goes for maximum field of vision and a helmet-friendly aerodynamic style for those long days on the bike.

Revant Optics is running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for the sunglasses with prices starting at $125. Expected delivery is in June.

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