How You Can Look as Cool as Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan

There is no arguing that Peter Sagan always looks cool. While you may never have his thick curly locks, cycling skills, or confident swagger, you can at least wear the same sunglasses. Sponsored by 100%, Sagan has his pick of their 10 cycling and casual styles and by tomorrow, he will have a couple more styles to choose from.

Probably the most interesting product in the current lineup is the Speedcraft Air that features a nasal dilator system. Working much on the same principal as Breathe Right strips, magnetic nose bridge arms connect to magnetic nose stickers to open up your nasal passageway. The small nose stickers utilize a unique adhesive that bonds to your skin and resists sweat and moisture. The nasal dilator is adjusted by rotating a small dial in the center of the lens to open or close the magnetic arms from 30 mm to 45 mm apart.

100% S2

Tomorrow, two new 100% styles with drop — the S2 and the Sportcoupe. The race-focused S2 (worn by Sagan at the Paris-Roubaix) is a full frame, rimless design with grippy rubber nose and temple tips. The lightweight, shatterproof lens offers 100% UV protection and utilizes a scratch-resistant coating that also repels oil and water. The S2 retails for $155-$195 depending on lens choice and includes a spare clear leans as well as an alternative fit nose piece.

100% Sportcoupe

The Sportcoupe is a versatile frame for cycling, triathlon and running pursuits, and
was developed in collaboration with 100% triathlete Mauricio Mendez. A dual lens filters out 100% ultraviolet rays while reducing blue light. The Sportcoupe retails for $135-$175 depending on lens choice.

Both the 100% S2 and Sportcoupe sunglasses will start shipping tomorrow May 1st.

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