Limited Edition Peter Sagan Sunglasses for the Tour de France

In celebration of the Tour de France this month, 100% releases a limited edition line of sunglasses, the same sunglasses that Peter Sagan will wear during the Tour. 100%’s Speedcraft, Speedtrap, and S2 styles will all feature a new frame technology for this limited edition collection.

The limited edition frames come with a multilayer red chromium finish that gives off a unique iridescent look. The crazy frame blends well with the red/gold mirror of the lens (and Peter Sagan’s hair). Due to this innovative color process, no two frames are exactly alike.

The sunglasses use the HiPER Lens from 100% that ramps up contrast, amps up colors and enhances details — perfect for summer riding through France. All frames feature Peter Sagan’s logo and come with special edition packaging.

Only a very select number of the limited edition Peter Sagan sunglasses will be produced so you better get in early if you want some. Prices are $220 for the Speedcraft and S2 version, while the Speedtrap version is $230.

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