Not Your Average Boring Bike Light

Mini Monkey Light bike light

San Francisco company MonkeyLectric brings the world of digital art to bike lighting. The new Mini Monkey bike light will not only keep you visible at night, but add some cutting edge visual effects and fun to your ride.

MonkeyLectric founder Dan Goldwater started making custom light based art bikes at MIT Media Labs. Dan received so many compliments on his work, he decided to start his own company back in 2007. Following the success of the original 32-bit Monkey Light product, the new Mini Monkey Light is a streamlined 8-bit version. 

The Mini Monkey Light straps to your spokes and display an 8-bit graphic onto your spinning bike wheel. The resulting display is bright and colorful, making you visible from all angles. Every Mini Monkey bike light includes 15 different graphic choices such as fireballs, skulls, hearts, spaceships, and robots.

Each of these patterns can be displayed in 10 different color combinations. Two buttons on the bike light, Theme and Color, let you choose which pattern and color combination you want or you can let the Mini Monkey randomly generate its own combinations for your ride. 

Three AA rechargeable batteries power the bike light for up to 40 hours and are mounted on your wheel hub. The rugged digital graphics board then hooks onto your spokes in three different places. A steel anti-theft strap locks the board in place, while a waterproof coating ensures you can use your bike light in all kinds of weather. 

MonkeyLectric is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order your Mini Monkey Light for $50. 


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