New Crampons For The Upcoming Winter Sports Season

Petzl Lynx Crampons

While the snow begins to fall in the mountains, thoughts are quickly turning to the winter sports season. As you gear up for your winter adventures, keep and eye out for these new and innovative crampons from Petzl and CAMP. The Petzl Lynx is a high performance crampon adaptable to almost any situation or terrain, while the CAMP Tour Nanotech steel mountaineering crampons are some of the lightest in the world.

The new Lynx from Petzl is a versatile crampon that you can use for a mixture of vertical ice climbing, mixed climbing, and standard glacier travel. These 14 point crampons are easy to adjust on the go, meaning you need to bring only one pair for a day or an entire trip full of multi-terrain adventures.

The two front points on the Lynx are completely modular and can be adjusted via just one screw. You can easily switch from a dual-point to a mono-point configuration, or even adjust the length of each point individually.  

The front toe bails can be manually switched from a flex lock to a wire lock configuration to accommodate mountaineering boots both with or without toe welts, as long as you have a heel welt for the height-adjustable Leverlock heel bail. The Lynx climbing crampons also include integrated front and rear anti-snow plates for added safety. 

CAMP Tour Nanotech crampons

The new Tour Nanotech from CAMP, designed for mountaineering and ski mountaineering, is one of the lightest 10 point steel crampons in the world. The crampons are constructed from a proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex Steel, which is stronger and harder than traditional chromoly steel. 

Since the Sandvik steel is so much stronger, CAMP can use less material in the Tour Nanotech crampons to provide the same performance. This creates a thinner cross section with sharper points that penetrate hard snow and ice with ease. Weighing just 569 grams, these mountaineering crampons will help you travel fast and light on your alpine pursuits this winter. 

Keep an eye out for the Petzl Lynx ($300) and CAMP Tour Nanotech crampons, as they will both be available soon. 


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