Don’t Sweat The Mid-Ride Coffee Stop

Kuat Racks Bottle Lock

Do you get nervous leaving your mint Colnago Master out front of the café during your mid-ride coffee stop? The new Bottle Lock from Kuat Racks poses as a normal water bottle but enables you to safely lock up your bike so you can rest easy while standing in the latte line. 

The Bottle Lock may look like a stylish water bottle nestled inside your bottle cage, but inside sits a 5 foot long internally coiled 7.5mm thick braided steel cable. This cable can be pulled out to wrap around your frame as well as both your front and back tires, before locking back in on itself.

Kuat Racks Bottle Lock

A compartment on the bottom of the bottle holds the two bike lock keys, while offering plenty of storage room for other small items such as money and your own house keys. At 14 ounces, the Bottle Lock will not slow you down on those steep hills either. 

The Kuat Racks Bottle Lock will be available soon in black, white, and pink and retail for $34. 

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