A Textile Based Flexible Bike Lock


In order to deter theft, most bike locks are heavy, rigid, and cumbersome to carry. By contrast, Tex-lock is lightweight and flexible yet just as secure thanks to the high-tech materials and unique construction of this textile based lock.

Tex—lock is made from a combination of fibers which have proven their efficiency in the automotive and aerospace industries — it is just as secure as steel if not more. The multi-layered construction offers a functional inner core, protecting tex–lock against cutting, striking, and fire. The dirt-repellant outer layer opens up unique design possibilities and offers a pleasant look and feel.

While common steel products give in fast to a bolt cutter, tex-lock can withstand the attack. Even the use of ice-spray doesn’t help the potential thief. The colder it gets, the higher the cutting resistance of the fibers.

The rope itself weights no more than 350 grams per meter. Even with the eyelets and padlock, the lock comes in well below 1 kg. Compare that to 2 kg for your average U-Lock.

The Tex-lock comes with a mount for underneath your saddle — the lock snaps into place using a secure magnet and can just as easily be removed again. The mount fits all standard seat rails.

The bike lock comes in a variety of colors, lengths (32 inches to 70 inches), and eyelet shapes. This variety and flexible nature of the lock opens it up for other uses beyond just securing your bike.

The German company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order your Tex-lock for around $84-$107. Expected delivery is in August.

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