Cafflano Kompact Hot and Cold Brew Coffee Press

Cafflano Kompact

Now you can make both hot and cold brew coffee almost anywhere with the Cafflano Kompact coffee press. Easier and more convenient to use than a traditional french press, the Kompact is designed to operate with a simple high-powered squeeze.

The Kompact coffee press includes a silicone bellows chamber that works as a compressor in which your ground beans and water are infused, a stainless steel superfine microfilter, and an airlock cap. The unique bellows design make it super easy to extract your coffee when it is ready– you get maximum transmission of power with minimal force. So no more struggling with your french press or even Aeropress in order to get your first cup of joe in the morning.

To operate, unscrew the airlock top and remove the micro filter. Pour in 10 grams – 30 grams of your favorite ground coffee (depending on preferred taste), then add water – again hot or cold depending on the type of brew you want.

If making hot coffee, add back the micro filter and let it steep for 1-3 minutes. You can agitate it to help expedite the extraction. To check if your coffee is at the desired strength, give the bellows a light squeeze and a small amount of coffee will come through the filter for you to check. When finally ready, simply squeeze all of the coffee out through the filter into a cup.

For cold brew coffee, replace both the filter and airlock cap, then let steep for 4-8 hours before drinking. This would make a great overnight method when backpacking where your coffee is instantly ready in the morning.

When you are done, simply collapse the bellows chamber, screw on the airlock and throw it in your pack. The Cafflano Klassic complete portable coffee system is currently available in the US but soon the Kompact will be available as well.

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