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Pinhead Complete Bike Lock System


For anyone that lives in a bike theft heavy area, carrying more than one lock to secure your bike is the norm. You normally need a lock for the frame as well as the wheels, and even that doesn’t guarantee your bike won’t be stripped for parts. Now you can secure your entire bike, components and all, with just one key using the Total Bike Protection system from Pinhead.

Don’t Sweat The Mid-Ride Coffee Stop

Kuat Racks Bottle Lock

Do you get nervous leaving your mint Colnago Master out front of the café during your mid-ride coffee stop? The new Bottle Lock from Kuat Racks poses as a normal water bottle but enables you to safely lock up your bike so you can rest easy while standing in the latte line. 

The Most Elegant Bike Lock

Tigr Bike Lock

If you hate carrying around clunky U-Locks for your bike commute, you will definitely be excited by John Loughlin's new invention. An avid cyclist and lock inventor, John set out to create a security system that is as elegant as the bike you ride. The idea for the TiGr Lock was born. 

Bike Lock Belt

Hiplock Bike Lock Belt

One of the annoying side effects of using a U-Lock is that you either have to wear a backpack during your ride or hook the U-Lock on your bike, risking damage. UK company Hiplok is hoping to offer you a better option, better than even a normal chain lock, with a bike lock designed specifically to be worn as a belt. 

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