Pinhead Complete Bike Lock System


For anyone that lives in a bike theft heavy area, carrying more than one lock to secure your bike is the norm. You normally need a lock for the frame as well as the wheels, and even that doesn’t guarantee your bike won’t be stripped for parts. Now you can secure your entire bike, components and all, with just one key using the Total Bike Protection system from Pinhead.

More than 4,000 people fall victim to bike theft every year in San Francisco. A report from the city’s Budget and Legislative Analyst estimated that bicycle thefts had gone up 70 percent between 2006 and 2012 alone. The thieves aren’t fickle either—sometimes they steal your whole bike, other times they pop the quick release and grab your wheel, and sometimes they just like the looks of your fancy leather Brooks bike seat.

To keep you riding happy, the Pinhead lock system secures all your major bicycle components by locking them to your frame. These locking mechanisms remain on the bike while you ride, and can only be removed with your unique key. Every Pinhead key is engraved with a 9-digit key code that becomes your number.

The Total Bike Protection kit includes front and rear wheel locking skewers, universal seat post lock, headset lock, Gold-rated frame lock and coded combination key. If you want to order additional products, all you have to do is provide your key code and they will work with the same key. If you happen to lose your Pinhead key and you know your key number, your key can easily and quickly be replaced online.

The Pinhead Total Bike Protection kit retails for $149.99 and is available now.

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