Strava Adds Auto-Pause And Goal Tracking

Strava auto-pause

Using GPS movement as a guide, the new version of Strava automatically detects when you are at rest and pauses the app. Once you begin moving, auto-pause will turn off again. Now your moving and resting time can be calculated during the actual activity instead of after upload when you get back home.

Both runners and cyclists craving more accurate speeds and splits will benefit from the addition of auto-pause, now available for all iOS and Android devices running Strava’s mobile app. The new feature intelligently pauses and restarts the recording of an activity when you momentarily stop.

In addition to auto-pause, the new Strava mobile app incorporates weekly goals to help you track and improve performance. While you could do this online with the premium service before, the new mobile app feature allows you to set running and cycling goals by distance or time and to visualize your progress each week.

Apple-heads the world over will be happy to know the latest version of Strava works with Apple’s iOS 8 and therefore your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus delivered today.

Integration with Apple’s iOS 8 also means you can start and stop the recording of your activities through a new Notification Center widget, eliminating the need to navigate to the Strava app during your workout. The widget also displays real-time activity information including elapsed time, speed or pace, and total distance traveled.

Version 4.2 of the Strava app is available in the App Store today and will soon be available in Google Play. Let’s just hope you don’t now become obsessed with checking to make sure the auto-pause has released.

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