Available this week, Wahoo’s latest heart rate monitor records your workout with or without your phone. The TICKR X is perfect for those high-intensity workouts where carrying much of anything is not an option, such as running, swimming, or even Crossfit workouts.

In device-free mode, the TICKR X captures up to 16 hours of your heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration, auto-syncing the data to your phone later. When used in conjunction with your phone, the TICKR X adds advanced motion analytic capabilities and can capture indoor cycling cadence. Additional analytics (e.g. laps, reps, other sports) will be added in future firmware updates.

The new heart rate monitor also features rapid double tap control where you can add markers at specific points to be reviewed post-workout. After a double tap, the TICKR X vibrates to notify you that the marker has been made. When used in online mode with a phone, the double tap feature can control music playback or insert laps.

The TICKR X incorporates all the same functions of the TICKR Run, including Running Smoothness. A built-in accelerometer measures your running form across three dimensions to help you improve over time. It also measures vertical oscillation and ground contact time, which, when added to Wahoo’s proprietary Running Smoothness algorithms, gives you a 360 degree view into your running form. The TICKR X works with Wahoo’s Burn and Burst program, an eight week training program designed by Wahoo’s physiologist to burn fat and improve performance.

ANT+ and BLE capable, the heart rate monitor easily connects to a range of smartphones and GPS watches and runs on a replaceable coin cell battery that will last up to 12 months. The Wahoo TICKR X retails for $99.99 and is available now.

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