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AmpStrip Heart Rate Wearable


Current solutions may make it easy to train while measuring your heart rate, but chest straps, watches, or wrist bands are annoying and uncomfortable to wear all the time. As continuously monitoring your heart rate through cycles of training, sleep, and recovery provides insights that could help improve your performance, AmpStrip came up with a solution–a thin patch you wear on your body all day.



Available this week, Wahoo’s latest heart rate monitor records your workout with or without your phone. The TICKR X is perfect for those high-intensity workouts where carrying much of anything is not an option, such as running, swimming, or even Crossfit workouts.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds


Companies continue to find innovative ways to measure your heart rate and ditch the annoying chest strap for good. The latest solution looks to your ear—the new Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds not only feature a built-in heart rate monitor, but also deliver stereo quality sound to your workouts.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

Using light beams and blood volume to continuously monitor your heart rate, the new Mio Alpha changes the game for heart rate monitors. You no longer have to throw on a cold, wet, heart rate strap before you head out for your workout, simply grab the watch and go.  

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