Mio Velo Heart Rate For Cyclists

Mio Velo

Unveiled last summer, the new Velowristband from Mio is finally available for order. With all the same features as the Link, the Velo goes one step further and acts as a converter between all your bike sensors and your phone.

The Velo wristband monitors heart rate during your workouts while also converting data from any ANT+ speed and cadence bike sensors to Bluetooth Smart (4.0). Much like the Wahoo RFLKT+, the wristband essentially enables you to use your phone to fully record your rides in place of a bike computer.

Velo uses the same optical heart rate sensor technology found in Mio’s other devices. The technology is touted as extremely accurate, with a 0.99 correlation to EKG in laboratory testing. The optical sensor works by monitoring the volume of blood under your skin, where sophisticated algorithms are then applied to the pulse signal to detect your heart’s true rhythm.

With configurable heart rate zones and a six-color LED to indicate current heart rate zone, the Velo enables you to monitor your performance while on the bike, even with your phone tucked securely in your jersey pocket. Not that you would ever take your bike for a swim on purpose, but the wrist band is water-resistant up to 30 meters just in case.

The Mio Veloretails for $129 and is available now.

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