Brunton HeatSync Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Brunton HeatSync

You officially have no more excuses for heading outside this winter. So what if it’s below zero, with the new HeatSync solutions from Brunton, you will be skiing, climbing, sitting, and even sleeping happy.

Brunton HeatSync technology integrates a heat system into a variety of outdoor products including a chair, sleeping pad, seat cushion, and even vest. The HeatSync items can be powered from any 5V/2.1AMP USB battery pack, but work best with Brunton products such as the Revolt 9000, Revolt 4000, Heavy Metal, and Metal. The battery pack is stowed out of the way in an attached zipper pocket on each unit.

The heating element in each product is powered by a single button and rotates through 3 different heat settings: high (131°F), medium (113°F), and low (100°F). A battery such as the Revolt 9000 will last for 4-16 hours depending on the setting.

For those of you that are prone to getting cold regardless of how many layers your wear, the HeatSync Vital ($74.99)is an under-the-jacket heating system with a harness design that is one-size-fits all. Ideal for cold weather situations where movement or activity is low, the heating vest rests against your baselayer–just imagine powering this thing up on a particularly long and cold belay. Keeping your core warm is the key to keeping your extremities warm as well.

For winter camping, the HeatSync Zone ($79.99)rollout mat would make a welcome addition to any sleeping bag–it’s your own personal outdoor electric blanket. The low, medium, and high settings enable you to adjust the warmth level depending on the particular weather each evening. A waterproof membrane allows the heat to escape, while sealing out moisture to protect the electronics.

The Brunton HeatSync products range in price from $64.99-$84.99 and are available now from the company website. The compatible battery packs range in price from $59.99-$99.99.

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