Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

Using light beams and blood volume to continuously monitor your heart rate, the new Mio Alpha changes the game for heart rate monitors. You no longer have to throw on a cold, wet, heart rate strap before you head out for your workout, simply grab the watch and go.  

The Mio Alpha is a strapless, continuous heart rate monitor that you wear
on your wrist. With technology originally used in the medical field, the watch has been tested EKG-accurate even while you are running at
performance speeds of up to 12 mph (20 km/hr). 

The Alpha heart rate monitor technology uses two light beams and an electro-optical sensor to monitor the volume of blood under your skin as it pulsates to the same rhythm as your heart. Sophisticated algorithms are then applied to the visual pulse signal to accurately measure your heart rate, even when working hard. A separate motion detector feeds information into the program in order to compensate for any sensor disturbance created by your arm movements. 

Just like a heart rate strap, the Alpha works with any Bluetooth 4.0 compatible smartphone. This means you can use the watch to add accurate heart rate information to your favorite workout apps such as Strava, Endomondo, and Runkeeper. 

The Alpha features a continuous heart rate display where you can set your heart rate zones complete with colored visual and audible alerts. Two simple buttons give you quick access to clock and timer functionality, as well as an overview of your workout data (total exercise time, avg heart rate, time in zone).

The Mio Alpha retails for $199 and is available now. 

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