Tiny Sports Safety Lights Offer Versatile Visibility

Silva Tyto Sports Safety Light Silva Tyto Sports Safety Light

With fall here and winter fast approaching, shorter daylight hours bring the need for added visibility when exercising outdoors. Silva has launched a new lighting category, the sports safety light, that is versatile enough to help you be seen regardless of your chosen activity.  

The small and compact Silva Tyto can be attached onto your headlamp strap, jacket, backpack, or even a helmet via a small clip on the back of the sports safety light. The Tyto also comes with a strap for easy attachment to your bike handlebars or seat post.  

The sports safety light comes in two versions, either white or red. The highly visible light can be seen from a 180 degree angle, making it easier to spot you from long distances. The three LEDs have two light modes, either steady or blinking. 

The Tyto runs on 2 CR2032 batteries and provides up to 100 hours of visibility depending on mode. The safety light weighs only 25 grams and is highly water resistant. The Silva Tyto retails for around €10 or $13 and is available now.

Silva Simi sport safety light

The Silva Simi is the entry level visibility product in Silva's brand new Bike Series. The small sports safety light is similar to the Tyto but with a simple mount and dismount strap for quick and easy attachment to your bike on your morning and evening commute. You can also permanently mount the Simi to switch on when you go through tunnels or get caught riding in rain or fog where you might need some added visibility. 

The Silva Simi comes in four color combinations, pink, blue, green, and white, with either white or red LEDs, available soon. 

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