Wolverine Fulcrum Hiking Boots Review

Wolverine Fulcrum Hiking Boots

For a few days earlier this week, I went on a solo backpacking trip through Desolation Wilderness in order to test out a bunch of gear. As I was carrying a relatively heavy pack and hoping to log lots of miles, the conditions were perfect to test out the Wolverine Fulcrum hiking boots I was sent earlier this summer. 

My first impression of the Fulcrum, when I pulled them out of the box, was that I really liked the classic hiking boots style. With all the high tech looking and bright colored boots out there today it was kind of nice to go with the classic brown leather. Throw some red laces on them and I would be kicking it old school.

Even though they may look classic, these hiking boots are loaded with technology. The Fulcrum feature Wolverine's Individual Comfort System (ICS). Through a small gel disc in the heel, you can adjust the level of support you require depending on either the trails you are hiking or your personal preference.

Wolverine ICS

You simply rotate the gel disc to your desired level of firmness or cushioning. The disc will also help compensate for your high or low arches and work to counteract your corresponding overpronation or supination. The Inward (I) setting is great for low arches with the Outward (O) setting for high arches. 

As with most of the trails in the Sierras, you spend much time scrambling and hiking over sharp rocks. The Vibram Mutant rubber outsole was super grippy on slabby and even wet rock, while also protecting my feet from any sharp edges.  

The highly supportive PU midsole is just what you need for those longer backpacking trips when carrying a heavy pack. This was definitely a trip where my feet were thankful not to be pounding the rocky trails in light hikers. 

For those of you in rainy and muddy hiking terrain, the GORE-TEX liner will help keep your feet dry. Since Northern California hiking doesn't usually involve much rain, I sometimes find the waterproof liners to be overkill, but I am sure my feet will be happy come the December rainy season.

With full grain leather uppers, you are going to want to treat the hiking boots over time. After a few days of hiking over rocky terrain, quite a few scuffs and scrapes emerged, especially on the toes and sides. You can use something like Granger's G-Wax Leather Conditioner to help maintain your leather hiking boots. 

I like to test new hiking boots right out of the box to see if they are comfortable from first wear. After 3 days and many miles of hiking, I had no blisters or any foot problems whatsoever. The ankle padding was very supportive but flexible so as not to cause bruising or blisters. 

Bottom Line: The Wolverine Fulcrum are classic looking leather hiking boots loaded with technology to make your hike more comfortable and enjoyable. Sizing is as expected for your outdoor footwear. 

The Wolverine Fulcrum hiking boots are unisex and retail for $200, available now. 

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