High Visibility Waterproof Backpack Cover For Your Commute

HUMP High Visibility Backpack Cover

For increased safety on your bike commute, every little bit helps. The Hump backpack cover from Respro not only ensures greater visibility on the road day or night, but keeps the contents of your backpack nice and dry despite the nasty weather. 

The Hump fits over top of your backpack and securely fastens around the bottom. An elastic edge grips onto the sides of your backpack to keep it from flapping around in the wind. 3M Scotchlite reflective strips, running along the entire backpack cover, reflect car and street lights, improving your visibility.  

The 100% waterproof backpack cover fits almost any standard backpack from 15L-30L capacity. Large sizes are available for packs up to 50L in capacity, which could be useful as a high visibility waterproof cover for hiking.

The Hump backpack cover is available in a variety of colors and styles, but some of the more innovative covers feature integrated LED lights. The P15 and P15 Chevron have strings of bright LED lights inserted into the cover fabric. 

The P15 has two LED light strips running the length of the cover, while the P15 Chevron version lights up the chevrons running up the base of the cover. Two AA batteries will power the LEDs for up to 120 hours in flashing mode. The P15 and P15 Chevron backpack covers retail for roughly $62 and $77 respectively. 

The soon to be released Vegas Hump is tricked out with disco light LEDs that can either be flashing or permanently illuminated, powered by three AA batteries. The Vegas Hump will start shipping early next year and retail for $60-$70.  

All the Hump high visibility waterproof backpack covers are available from the Respro website and are currently shipping for free worldwide. 


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