Sometimes Cheap And Functional Is Good Enough

By Don Jurries

Luxe Outdoor Boeing 2XL Tent

While The GearCaster is all about innovation and emerging technologies, sometimes cheap and functional is good enough. Luxe Outdoor tents are one piece of camping gear that fits that description. Luxe Outdoor may not a brand you recognize, as the company is based in Hong Kong with most of its distribution across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

I bought the Luxe Outdoor Boeing 2XL two-person tent back in 2005 when I was living in Asia. While it’s not the lightest tent on the market, the Boeing 2XL still comes in at under 2kg (4.5 lbs). The camping tent features a nylon taffeta waterproof flooring, is factory seam sealed, and can be set up with a single pole. A PU coated polyester flysheet is included in the package.

The inner tent is constructed out of mostly mesh siding that makes it pleasantly airy, though restricts the tent to three seasons. While my tent included aluminum stakes, Luxe Outdoor is now using titanium in newer models. None of these features are what motivated me to purchase the product, however. I bought the camping tent because it cost the equivalent of $70 at the time.

In the past, I have used my Luxe Outdoor tent on overnight hikes in such places as the Japanese Alps, but I generally use the camping tent when I need a shelter I can put up and break down quickly, toss in the car, and move on to the next campsite. My Boeing 2XL has design features that make that process even simpler, including grommets on both sides of the inner tent for the ends of the pole, and quick-up plastic clips to further secure the flysheet to the inner tent.

Luxe Outdoor Boeing 2XL tent

The Boeing 2XL was my trusty tent of choice while I was in Adelaide recently competing in the Australian Masters Games. I wasn’t in Adelaide to specifically camp, hike or trek. I used a campground in a small nature reserve just 15 minutes drive from the city center because of value for money versus a hotel. So my $70 Luxe Outdoor tent was perfectly good for the situation.

Bottom Line: The Luxe Outdoor tent range may not be from a widely recognized brand, but they are simple, cheap, and functional. The tents are distributed in Canada through Entry Creek Equipment, with a starting price for the new Mini Peak II 1-2 Person tent at C$110. Luxe Outdoor tents are also distributed in the US and have been seen on Amazon and eBay.

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