Sunglasses That Record HD Video

Pivothead video recording sunglasses

Forget about fiddling around with tedious mounts for your point of view camera, simply throw on a pair of Pivothead sunglasses and you are ready to record your outdoor adventure. With the press of a single button, you are filming and what you see is the exact image you are going to capture. 

Built into the lightweight Pivothead sunglasses frame is a Full HD (1080p/30fps) video camera. The Sony 8MP image sensor lets you take high quality still photos in addition to video, while the Image Stabilization technology helps get rid of the dreaded shaky cam. 

A high quality microphone is also embedded in the frame, so you can capture all the audio along with the video of your adventure. The sunglasses frame will accept a 32GB capacity Micro SD card for 20 hours of video storage, but the Li-polymer battery will only last for around 2 hours of HD video recording on one charge.  

The video recording eyewear has 6 different modes depending on the conditions and your chosen activity. The Pivtohead sunglasses connect via Micro USB to either your mobile phone or computer if you need to change the mode settings or for uploading your photos and videos. 

The polycarbonate lenses are 100% UV blocking and come in a variety of different coatings, as well as photochromatic or polarized. The Pivothead sunglasses come in four different styles, depending on your preference or chosen outdoor activity. 

The Pivothead sunglasses retail for $269-$319 and will start shipping in January. If you sign up for the company newsletter now, you will get $25 off your order.


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