Get Some Salmon Jerky With Your Down Sweater

Patagonia Salmon Jerky

First music, now food. Seems Patagonia is diversifying itself again with the new Patagonia Provisions group, while helping do good at the same time. Through the sale of salmon jerky, Patagonia hopes to reform the current salmon fisheries and protect the future of wild salmon. 

Between the industrial ocean salmon farms and the large river fisheries, the salmon industry has serious problems. Tackling the industry head on, Patagonia is now looking to develop an entirely new sourcing system for salmon, much the same way the company took on the cotton industry and created an entire organic cotton supply for their products.

Together with the Canadian fish conservation organization Skeena Wild, Patagonia has identified in-river fisheries that use proper harvesting techniques that produce high quality fish and allow non-target species to survive and spawn. The company has then teamed up with legendary smokehouse guru, Harald Kossler, to produce what they believe to be the most delicious, healthiest salmon products on the market. 

The Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky comes in three flavors: Smoked Black Pepper, Smoked Chili Pepper, and Smoked Teriyaki. If you look carefully at the list of ingredients, some people have been questioning the use of high fructose corn syrup. 

The Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky retails for $12.50 for one 2 oz. pack or $35 for a pack of three flavors. The salmon jerky will start shipping November 30th. 

So what do you think about Patagonia's move into provisions? Will you buy some of the Wild Salmon Jerky?

UPDATE: Looks like Patagonia has listened to consumer feedback and delayed the Salmon Jerky launch in order to work on better ingredients for their marinades. Here is the update from the Patagonia website:

"Please note: The launch of Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon Jerky has been delayed. We are working with our supplier to change ingredients in the marinade recipes that did not meet our quality standards or that of our customers. Thank you for your patience. We are very excited about this new product and want it to be the best it can be. Customers who preordered Wild Salmon Jerky from will be contacted via email about a refund. You may always contact us at or by phone at 800-638-6464."

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