Not Your Average Slim Jim

Krave Jerky

Artisanal jerky seems to be having a moment. Patagonia took the plunge with their salmon jerky offering, while many artisanal jerky companies are popping up across the country to cater not only to the outdoor set, but the upscale snack set as well. 

Located in wine country California, Krave jerky uses lean cuts of domestic meat (turkey, beef, pork) and all-natural, high-end ingredients. Devoid of any nitrates, hormones, and artificial flavors, Krave jerky makes a healthy, high protein, low-calorie snack for any of your outdoor adventures. 

Each 3.25 oz. pack of jerky contains around 3 servings of dried meat. Each serving ranges in calories from 50, for the Chili Lime Beef, to 100 for the Basil Citrus Turkey. Krave prides itself on creating jerky that is low in calories as well as fat, while remaining high in protein (up to 9 grams per serving). 

Krave jerky flavors include 8 different exotic combinations such as Curry, Garlic Chili Pepper, and Pineapple Orange. Each Jerky pack retails for $7 or you can order the Jerky Sampler containing 5 different flavors of choice for $35. If you are gluten-free, the Basil Citrus Turkey is made without soy sauce. 

With this new artisanal jerky, you no longer need to pop into the 7-eleven to get your dried beef fix on the way to the crag. If you live in NYC, there are also plenty of local jerky artisans where you can stock up before heading to the Gunks or the Dacks. 

Has anyone ever tried making their own jerky? Have a good recipe? Share it!

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