Save Your Gear And Garage With The HeadsUp System

HeadsUp System

I admit, I have driven into the garage door with bikes on the roof rack after returning home from a long roadtrip. I also know I am not alone in making this unfortunate and costly mistake. Now you can protect your gear and your garage with the HeadsUp System. 

The HeadsUp System works by alerting you upon your return home, reminding you that you have some sort of gear on the top of your car. The complete wireless systems includes an alert sign, two wireless tags, and an InCar Alerter.

The 8.5 "x11" LED  based alert sign mounts inside your garage. When your garage door begins to open, the alert sign flashes reminding you to stop and unload your gear before driving the car inside. 

The small wireless tags can be mounted on your bikes, canoe, kayak, skis, storage box, or anything that goes on the top of your car. The InCar Alerter communicates with these wireless tags and will beep when you get in close proximity of your house (50-100 feet). 

HeadsUp System

The tags and alerter run on watch batteries that will last for over a year and warn you when they need replacing. Each HeadsUp System can be used with up to 100 vehicles and different gear items, so could work for an entire apartment complex or even resort.  

The HeadsUp System retails for $170. You can also buy extra gear tags and extra InCar Alerters. Now you just have to remember to put the tags on all your gear before you head out. Personally, I think it might be useful to put the tags on the roof rack itself so you are alerted every time you come home, regardless of the specific gear on top of the car. 


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