Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet Review

Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet

When I head out on a ride, I normally throw my phone in a waterproof LokSak case, together with some cash and maybe my credit card. I was excited when I saw the new Mission Cycling Wallet from Timbuk2, so decided to buy one to replace my now ripped and not very functional LokSak. 

The Mission Cycling Wallet is a slim profile case that protects your smartphone from not only the elements, but your own sweat as well. Your phone slides into the main zippered pouch with felt backing for scratch protection. A touchscreen compatible clear front panel enables you to access all of your phone functions so you won't have to remove the phone to check the map or start and stop your Strava ride. 

Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet

Three slots on the back of the wallet are perfect for storing your credit card, drivers license, and some cash for that mid-ride coffee stop or post-ride beer. I would actually recommend sticking your cash on the inside of the zippered pouch along with your phone, otherwise the cashier will not be all too pleased when you hand over some really sweaty bills.  

My only annoyance with the wallet is that in order to fit my iPhone 4 inside the zippered case, I have to remove the protective bumper or hard case from the phone. As these cases are somewhat hard to remove and almost everyone I know puts a case on their iPhone, I would love to see the cycling wallet just a little bit larger to accommodate. 

Also of note, you won't have access to either the camera or the headphone jack when your phone is inside the cycling wallet. Soft nylon sides enable you to still operate any side push buttons however, even if not all that easily. 

I can not vouch for the Mission Cycling Wallet fitting all types of smartphones. My only experience is using the wallet with an iPhone 4 and a couple of Nokia smartphones. The dimensions are 2.6 in x 4.7 in, but I would recommend you physically try the wallet in person if you are unsure about your phone fit.

Bottom Line: The Timbuk2 Mission Cycling Wallet is a slick way to organize your ride essentials. The zippered pouch protects your phone while allowing use at the same time. The wallet would work just as well for any other outdoor sport such as running, skiing, or hiking.

The Mission Cycling Wallet retails for $29 and comes in two versions: black with the Mission Cycling logo or black/green with the standard Timbuk2 swirl logo. 

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