Cycling Trainer Geared Towards High Power Output

By Don Jurries

Revbox Drivetrainer

It’s all about high power output training. The Revbox Drivetrainer, designed by New Zealand cyclist and engineer Craig Sharratt, is a high-performance cycling trainer specifically geared for high intensity workouts to improve key areas of your cycling performance. 

Unlike other cycling trainers, the Revbox Drivetrainer was never intended to replicate general road conditions. Instead, the objective was to build a cycling trainer that could produce extremely high power outputs to improve the neuromuscular efficiency of a cyclist by targeting specific muscle groups. 

The key to the Revbox Drivetrainer’s success is a 580mm (22.8”) diameter air-braked fan that allows power outputs in excess of 1800 watts. This large diameter, lightweight fan pushes such a large volume of air as to make the range of resistance nearly unlimited.

Most smaller diameter trainers have resistance levels dictated by the mechanical limits of the flywheel, while tire-roller trainers can slip during harder efforts. By removing your rear wheel and working with your chain, Craig Sharratt’s design minimizes the mechanical friction that often plagues tire-roller trainers to about half that of typical road rolling resistance, thus optimizing pedal technique and power transfer.

Manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Revbox Drivetrainer has been built with transport in mind. Weighing just 9.5 kg (21 lbs), the cycling trainer comes with a reinforced travel bag. About the only problem the Revbox Drivetrainer hasn’t solved yet is noise, a common problem with flywheel designs.

You will need to be serious about your training regimen, as the Revbox retails for about NZ$2000 (over US$1,500).

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