Cycling Fusion Asks: Why Suffer?

SufferLess Videos

While most riders will spend quality time in the pain cave this winter, indoor cycling training company Cycling Fusion asks what’s the point of all that suffering? Instead of pain, sweat, and tears, SufferLess Videos offer you an escape. Next time it’s -40 degrees F outside, why not head into the garage and take a ride around Kauai, Hawaii.

No, the folks at Cycling Fusion did not get lost on the way to Sufferland, As the official trainer for the Tour de Cure, they know that even though high intensity based workouts are great, they are not for everyone. Instead of scaring people away from jumping on the trainer, the SufferLess videos make riding enjoyable, while also helping you to log some good base miles and vert during the winter season.

Aimed at those who are training for charity rides, cycling vacations, or to keep up with their local club rides, the videos minimize suffering with easy cadence/low heart rate target zones, but also throw in a small amount of more high intensity riding. The idea is to get you churning out the big miles.

You can build your own training for the day from a bunch of different ride segments–videos are classified according to either type of terrain or length of time (2-20 minutes). Once you choose the type of segment you are after, then you pick from the variety of drool worthy locations, including Italy, France, Spain, and Hawaii. Choose to listen to your own music, or be at the mercy of the music chosen by the creators (think lots of testosterone fueled heavy metal).

Videos are shown from the perspective of you as a cyclist on a group ride. A small data box in the corner of the video indicates where you are in the segment, as well as your target RPM and heart rate zones to match the effort you would be putting out on real terrain. For those looking to follow an entire ride (60-90 minutes), high-quality ride DVDs are available for $19.99. The full ride DVDs contain music or both music and coaching.

Individual videos costs $0.99-$6.99 depending on length. They can be purchased from the SufferLess Videos website or through the SufferLess Videos app ($1.99).

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