Powerful Self Adjusting Headlamp

Petzl Nao Headlamp

One of the show favorites by far, amongst all the attendees at Outdoor Retailer, was the new Nao headlamp from Petzl. Using an integrated light sensor technology, the headlamp beam instantly adapts to the changing conditions around you, giving you ideal lighting at all times with little manual intervention.

Called Reactive Lighting, the new Petzl headlamp technology features an integrated light sensor that can automatically asses your proximity to an object, your current level of activity, and your desire to see in the distance, adjusting both the beam pattern and light output accordingly.

The light sensor sits at the top of the Nao headlamp, facing the same direction as the beam. The sensor first measures and analyzes the amount of reflected light, then instantly and automatically adjust the beam to either a wide, focused, or dual pattern output, as well as adjusting the level of light intensity. Two high powered LEDs work together to give you a minimum of 7 lumens to a maximum of 355 lumens of light.

When you are trying to tie a knot, cook dinner, or read a map, the Nao headlamp will project a wide beam with a lower power level appropriate to the distance of the object in front of you. When you are hiking along a trail, the beam will again be wide but with a medium strength light level. When looking off into the distance, the beam will become focused and more intense to help you locate objects far away. 

With minimal manual intervention, Reactive Lighting technology increases the burn time of the Nao headlamp by over 3 hours, optimizing the use of the Li-Ion rechargeable battery. An integrated USB connector enables you to use your computer or any standard USB charger to refuel. An optional belt kit lets you move the battery pack from your head to your hip, useful for winter or high activity adventures.

The 187 gram Petzl Nao headlamp will be available starting July 2012. Dan and Janine Patitucci were fortunate to get a first look at the Nao self adjusting headlamp and you can read their review on the Dolomite Sport website. 



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