Suunto Ambit Combines Accelerometer And GPS Data For Accuracy

Suunto Ambit

Built with explorers in mind, the new Suunto Ambit watch is loaded with all the features and functionality you will need for both training and participating in your backcountry skiing, mountain climbing, or trail running adventures. Combining accelerometer and GPS data, the Ambit provides the most accurate and real time movement feedback.

The Ambit is built around Suunto’s new FusedSpeed technology. Combining GPS data with that of the accelerometer, the Ambit is able to give you more accurate and precise pace and speed data. The watch reacts faster to your changes in speed, particularly useful for trail running or cycling.

Specialized outdoor features on the Ambit include a barometric altimeter for accurate vertical speed and altitude feedback, barometer to help with weather forecasting, temperature, and 3D compass. The GPS functionality enables route planning, tracking, and the ability to log up to 100 waypoints.

You can choose how often you would like the GPS to track, either every second, minute, or not at all. The watch battery will last for 15 hours to 30 days, depending on your GPS tracking choice. The Ambit is built with a robust casing and is water resistant up to 100 m (330 ft).

A back light helps you read your GPS watch data during those alpine starts, while the push of a single button enables you to switch from a negative to a positive face for easier viewing. The Suunto Ambit is ANT compatible, so will work with all the Suunto sensor accessories such as the Heart Rate Belt, Foot Pod, and Bike Pod Sensors.

The Suunto Ambit will start shipping in March and retail for $500 standalone or $550 with Heart Rate Belt.

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